LMC Nelson Constructions

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LMC Nelson Constructions is a family owned, South Australian based business dedicated to quality construction in a broad range of building scenarios. The company offers expertise in the complete construction process in a comprehensive range of materials from clad frames to suspended concrete floor slabs to on-site tilt up concrete panels. LMC prides itself in giving clients complete confidence in its delivery of work that not only matches or exceeds the design specifications but also achieves the highest quality at structural and finish levels.

LMC’s high standards come from a long family history of involvement in engineering and construction. In 1956, family grandfather, Keith Nelson, established parent companies Nelson Bulk Equipment and later Nelson Properties. He provided rurally focussed engineering and construction services, tailoring buildings, agricultural machinery and equipment to local farming needs. Keith’s son Lionel followed in the tradition having been engaged in mechanical and construction services throughout his working life. From the 1970’s, Lionel‘s L & S Constructions built a broad range of townhouses, separate dwellings, factories and commercial buildings in urban and rural settings. His son Chris is today the primary builder in these companies’ descendant, LMC Nelson Constructions.

Chris Nelson has 30 years experience in the building industry and brings passion and commitment to LMC’s many projects. He has obtained the many qualifications and licences required for the complete construction process for building structures up to and including 3 stories. The building industry experiences constant change in the standards and materials available to it; Chris’ commitment to innovation and constant improvement ensures LMC stays ahead of the curve, leading in the application of new processes and practices. To reinforce its’ commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, LMC retains full membership of the Master Builders Association, South Australia.

With its’ dedication to complete compliance, structural integrity, quality work and constant improvement, it is perhaps unsurprising that examples of the company’s work abound in South Australia. LMC invites you to browse through an overview of these works in the LMC Constructed Structures Photo Gallery section of this website. Additionally, testimonies of assurance of LMC’s clients’ satisfaction can be viewed at the Testimonies and Awards section. We have also been fortunate in receiving recognition for our heritage work; this can also be viewed in the Testimonies and Awards section.

LMC Nelson Constructions can also provide a comprehensive project management service covering every stage of the process, including:

  • Design
  • Budgetting and Quotation Process
  • Contracts
  • Surveying and Civil works
  • Approvals and Certifications
  • Services
  • Footings and Pads
  • Steel Fixing and Structural Construction
  • Floors, Walls and Roof Construction
  • First and Second Fixes
  • Plumbing and Electrical Works
  • Finishes
  • Grounds Works (roads, paths, aprons and landscaping)

No matter the design or building materials envisaged for a structure, LMC Nelson Constructions can manage and/or construct your project to your satisfaction and within budget range.

So, urban or rural, if you have a building project domestic or commercial and you want total compliance, structural integrity and quality work without budget blowout, why not contact LMC Nelson Constructions and find out just how well we can meet your expectations?

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